Hi,my name is Bobbi and i am 11 years old.I have a sister who is 23 years old,a brother who is 26 years old,a niese that is 5 years old,and a nephew that is 3 years old.And i always wanted to get a little puppy that would be a pug,or a little kitten but my mom always says that i cant have a cat,or a kitten because she is alergic to kittens.Here is the baby kitten that i want:

Baby kitten in deep sleep on the white towel.PNG

Now,here is the picture of the baby pug that i want:

And that is proof that i love kittens,and pugs.And the good part about me loving pugs is,my ,mom said that i am aloud to get a pug for my birthday this year!!!I cant wait!!!!!!